Best Ice Fishing Sleds for 2018

As we prepare for the upcoming ice fishing season, we’re reminded of just how much gear we carry out to our favorite fishing spots. Some anglers pack lightly and can throw a bag over their shoulder that will carry all they’ll need. Many anglers, however, like to pack portable shelters and other large items that would be hard to carry especially on longer distance walks. That’s why we’re taking a look at ice fishing sleds in this article. The best ice fishing sleds for 2018 give the angler the ability to pack as much as they need for a comfortable, fun day on the water.

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Ice Fishing Jigs Every Angler Should Use in 2018

Ice fishing is a challenging yet enjoyable way to continue to fish even during the coldest months of the year. If you prefer ice fishing live bait, the biggest difficulty is breaking through the ice and dropping your lines. Live bait is great, but there are no guarantees it’ll attract fish. Beyond that, ice fishing becomes incredibly boring giving the angler little to do but wait for the strike. Jigging, however, can keep you active while out on the ice. If you want to jig, using the right ice fishing jigs will make all the difference. Below are some of the best ice fishing jigs you can use to lure in fish and get a strike.

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Ice Fishing Equipment Needed To Get Started in 2018

winter is coming - ice fishing equipment you need to get started

No, this is not a Game of Thrones post. While many of us are waiting for the series finale, most anglers in the northern US are waiting for ice to form on our favorite lakes and ponds. This is just a few short months from the time of this articles’ writing. For some anglers in areas where ice fishing is possible, they have opted not to try for one reason or another. If you’re looking to get into ice fishing, there is some bare minimum ice fishing equipment you need to get started. I know you realize you can’t show up with just your tacklebox and favorite rod, but you may not think about everything, like a good ice fishing sled, various ice fishing tackle and even ice fishing shelters. Here is some ice fishing equipment you should have at a minimum to be able to safely, successfully, and comfortably fish on the ice this winter.

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How Long Does Fishing Line Last?

At the end of every season, anglers pack up their gear and store it somewhere not to be seen again until the beginning of spring. It’s a sad time for all of us, but it’s also a good time to think about what you’d like to add or remove from your arsenal for next year. Inevitably, you will think about that spool of line you have in your tackle box. Do you have enough to spool for next year? Or the bigger question, how long does fishing line last? Can the line on the reel last another season? What about that spool in the tackle box? We’ll try to help you make the right decision to figure out how long fishing line lasts.

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Best Spinning Reel Under 50 Dollars You Can Be Confident In for 2018

While fifty dollars may not seem like much when it comes to fishing equipment, many anglers would rather get into fishing without spending an arm and a leg. Typically you’ll hear and read experts tell you that the best spinning reels you can buy are priced around $100. That’s simply not true. There are quality reels that can be bought for 50 dollars and under. I’m going to show you what I find to be the best spinning reel under 50 dollars as well as some other very good options. You don’t need to be rich to enjoy this sport, nor do you need a lot of money. Read on to see what I’m talking about!

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Best Trout Lures for 2017 – The Ultimate Trout Tacklebox

Better gear doesn’t guarantee more fish, but fishing with the right lures using the right presentations will dramatically improve your chances on not only catching fish, but catching trophies. Don’t rely on hearsay and old tales told from friends or your grandpa- fill your tacklebox with proven, effective lures and learn the proper presentation and you will have more success on the water. Trout can be downright picky- using the best trout lures available will help give you a chance at catching them. Check out our list of the best trout lures for 2017 and if you don’t already own them, make sure you get them before your next outing on the water!

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Best Braided Fishing Line 2017 – Top 3 Guide

Braided fishing line continues to grow in popularity as the most versatile and durable line to spool on your reel. Its toughness in such a thin diameter makes it an excellent option for nearly all anglers. In 2017, a couple of new lines have made their presence known on the market and have quickly become a favorite line for anglers. But what is the best braided fishing line of 2017? Continue reading to see which one’s our Editors Choice, which one is the best value, and other great options to choose from.

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My Bass Fishing Setup for 2017

largemouth bass

Last fishing season I spent the majority of my time chasing trout and salmon. I tried a few different techniques but mainly I stuck with my trolling gear using lead core line and a downrigger in tandem. I had some success but covering a lot of water in a day takes time and I did really miss getting on the banks of small ponds and lakes and flipping buzzbaits, swimbaits and the like targeting some real lunker largemouth. So this year, rather than sticking with deep water species, I’m going to buy new equipment for my bass fishing setup. If I learned anything last year, the importance of well balanced equipment was a big one. In this post I’ll show you each piece of equipment I’m buying and give you reasons why.

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Surprising spring trout and salmon technique to land fish right now!

If you live in the northern part of the country where trout and salmon fishing are prevalent, you’re probably experiencing one of the joys of spring. Every year around this time ice shanty’s and tip ups are being packed away for the summer and anglers are wiping the dust off their summer rigs. We all prepare for the moment that signals the beginning of the summer fishing season: ice out. Yes, as the ice melts away opening our favorite lakes and ponds for fishing on the boat, so opens one of the best and most productive times to fish for trophy salmon and trout. Some anglers may assume they need to crank up their downriggers and deep diving baits, but fortunately that is not the case. I’m going to show you some techniques I’ve learned to catch really nice salmon and trout near the surface just after ice out. It’s a cost friendly, fun way to catch some beautiful fish before they dive deeper to cooler waters.

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When to Replace Fishing Line

when to replace fishing line

When I started fishing regularly I replaced line about every time I got a new reel. In other words, I kept line on the reel a lot longer than recommended. Why? Mostly because I didn’t know better, but partially because I assumed line took forever to break down and become a potential problem. So, do you know when to replace fishing line? Each line has different requirements, and we’ll go over each one so you have a good idea when to replace fishing line depending on what you like to use. If there’s one part of equipment maintenance you don’t want to skip out on, replacing fishing line should be at the top of the list. The last thing you want on the water is a broken off fish due to bad line. So let’s begin…

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