Why Topwater Bass Fishing is Awesome

Fishing for bass is exciting and a favorite for many anglers around the country. Topwater bass fishing increases the level of excitement ten fold with the ferocious strikes and spectacular aerial shows put on by some of the most aggressive fish in the water. When the summer months heat up, the topwater bass fishing does as well so tie on some buzzbaits, poppers, frogs, or even a lookalike mouse and get to your favorite bass spots for some incredible action! We’ll explain why topwater bass fishing is awesome and why you should load up on topwater lures to experience it firsthand.

Why Topwater Bass Fishing is Awesome – The Lures

Buzzbaits, stickbaits, frogs, swimbaits, poppers. There are so many varieties of lures you can use on topwater and for good reason- they’re just way more fun to fish. My favorites are buzzbaits. Simple retrieve, you can cover more water more quickly, and you can hear the strike even if you’re not paying attention to your bait. I’ve picked out several different types of baits to choose from, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. With these baits you’re surely to find your next favorite bass lure. Check them out:

Livetarget Hollow Body Frog 
* Incredibly detailed
* ICAST 2010 Best in Show Winner
* Soft body construction when pressed reveals two sharp hooks
* Great for covering weed choked areas and lily pads
List: $13.31See on Amazon

Livetarget Hollow Body Mouse 
* Incredibly detailed
* ICAST 2011 Best in Show Winner
* Soft body construction when pressed reveals two sharp hooks
* Made to attract BIG bass
* Two recessed sharp hooks won't snag in heavy cover
List: $10.99See on Amazon

Spro Bronzeye Pop Bait 
* Specially designed 3/0 Gamakatsu Hooks
* Great shape
* Loud popping sound attracts big bass
* 16 Colors to choose from
List: $12.44See on Amazon

Rapala Shallow Shad Rap 
* Balsa wood construction under incredible finishes make this the lure big fish find irresistible.
* Shallow Running Lip Design
* Classic Rapala® "wounded-minnow" wobble
* Built tough with hard-diving lips and sharp treble hooks, these legendary lures have the power to survive even the toughest fights.
* The Shallow Shad Rap is perfect for fishing skinny water
List: $7.99See on Amazon

Arbogast Buzz Plug 
* Unique floating buzzbait that allows for a pause near fishing holding structures
* When paused the blade rises above the water showing action fish have never seen before
* Retrieve at a constant pace and the lure produces a fish enticing wobble or work it like a twitch bait
List: $5.99See on Amazon

Booyah Buzz 
* Planes quickly and runs true out of the package
* BOOYAH clacker really attacks the blade
* The 55 strand silicone skirt and a mustard ultra point hook do the rest
List: $3.99See on Amazon

Booyah Counter Strike Buzz 
* Counter rotating blades deliver exceptional stability and offer a distinctive sound
* Designed with the unique triangle shaped head
* Plant to the surface quickly and cut through thick cover and draw out heavyweight bass
List: $15.18See on Amazon

Strike King Bleeding Bait Elite Buzz Bait 
* The Strike King BleedingBait Pro-Model Buzzbait features holes in the blades to create a gurgle type noise.
It leaves a bubble trail on the surface.
* The exclusive grass cone keeps the blade clear of obstructions.
* The smaller profile bleeding buzzbait has a true running wire and different blade for a different sound.
* Comes with a Bleeding Bait Hook and Bleeding accent Skirt
List: $9.53See on Amazon

Why Topwater Bass Fishing is Awesome – The Retrieve

Topwater bass fishing requires some finesse to your retrieval. If you fish buzzbaits or any kind of floating topwater that has built in action, you really just need to retrieve at a consistent pace. But, for buzzbaits they require some additional speed due to their ability to sink. You want to make sure that blade is chirping and slapping the water with each revolution to coax a strike. Doing that requires a faster retrieve than normal. I try to stay at a speed just barely keeping my lure on the surface. A nice medium gear ratio baitcaster should do the trick. Check out our best baitcasting reels guide for more information.

For poppers and the like, some twitching action is required. Poppers are interesting because it requires just the right amount of twitch to get subtle popping sounds from the nose of the lure. When the lure gets quickly tugged through the water, the concave shape of the nose creates a nice disturbance on the surface that sounds like a pop. Slow, erratic popping of the lure can be great triggers for bass to strike. The same action can be used with certain frog like baits. A slow, gentle twitch can mimic a frog thrusting with both legs, looking like a breaststroke when swimming. Be sure to pause a few seconds when the frogs head pops up, because that seems to be the optimal time for a bass to make its move.

With stickbaits and swimmers like field mice, the best action is a swaying side to side. A steady, consistent twitch achieves that most easily as you reel in your lure. It gives stickbaits and field mice lures a real life-like action that works extremely well. Randomizing the time between twitches will work too, as it would help the lure appear to be injured.

Why Topwater Bass Fishing is Awesome – The Strike!

Within about two seconds, your heart changes from a steady, calm beat to a hard-pounding, racing thump in your chest. Seeing the action unfold on the surface is exhilarating. Bass are fantastic fighters and they strike with the same power and ferocity you feel on the line each time you hook into one. Words cannot describe the unbelievable joy seeing the predator bass stalk your prey lures. So rather than writing more about it, watch these:

Be sure to head over to Amazon and pick up your next big bass bait today!