The Five Best Bass Lures You Must Have in your Bass Fishing Tacklebox!

best bass lures

With a virtually endless amount of options to choose from, picking the best bass lures for your next outing can be difficult. Many anglers rely on advice from their local bait shop when choosing new lures. But not all bait shops are run by honest people, and they may want to just sell you a lure rather than help you catch fish. Finding the right bass lures can be difficult, but there are really only five choices you must have in your tacklebox. We break down each lure for you to help you make educated decisions on your next purchase. Click on the next page to get started!

1. Best Bass Lures – Spinnerbait

best bass lures

Five Must Have Lures For Bass Fishing – Spinnerbait

Probably the most versatile bass lure out there, the spinnerbait can be used in about a million different ways (okay, not a million). You can jig, slow retrieve, fast retrieve, twitch and hop your spinnerbait to coax a big bass to biting. There are countless varieties of colors, blades, blade shapes, weights, and sizes. Spinnerbaits can be used on their own or with trailers. There are so many things you can do with a spinnerbait, you really should have four or five in your tacklebox at a minimum. If you’re one of those anglers that brings several poles with you to the lake, make sure one of them is pre-rigged with a spinnerbait. Spinnerbaits are best in low light conditions, but I’ve seen anglers have immense success with them in almost any condition. Here’s a great video from Flukemaster on YouTube showing you just how many things you can do with a spinnerbait.

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 2. Best Bass Lures – Rattletrap


lipless crankbait

Five Must Have Lures for Bass Fishing – Lipless Crankbait or Rattletrap

The lipless crankbait, or rattletrap, is another staple in the bass anglers arsenal. Its distinct swimming action and rattling noise make it a hard to resist lure. Anglers use lipless crankbaits all times of the year, but spring and fall appear to be the best times to try them out. They come in various sizes, from 1/4 ounce to 5/8 ounce. Several different manufacturers make lipless crankbaits, with Rat-L-Trap and Cotton Cordell being the most famous. Here’s a nice video from Scott Martin showing you how to use a lipless crankbait your next time out!

3. Best Bass Lures – Tube Bait

tube bait

Five Must Have Lures for Bass Fishing – Tube Bait

When I first saw tube baits, all I could think of was that as seen on TV lure from the 90’s called “The Flying Lure.” I remember trying it out and having zero luck with it. Needless to say, I was quite skeptical when I read so many anglers profess their loyalty to tube baits. But as I learned more about how to fish them, when to fish them, and just how many ways to rig them on your hook, I was intrigued. Sneakily this lure is one of my favorites, because I can use it in some really hard to fish areas. On top of that, it’s a really good bait for smallmouth bass, so I get to fish for species I don’t usually have a chance with because of its versatility. It’s not a hard lure to work, either. While you can put as much action on it as you want, you shouldn’t feel intimated when putting this on the hook. It’s a good working bait that mimics wounded bait fish. Check out Glenn May from as he explains the many ways you can rig and fish a tube bait. You’ll be glad you did!

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4. Best Bass Lures – Jigs

jigs for bass

Five Must Have Lures for Bass Fishing – Jigs

For me, jigs were always the hardest lures to learn how to use. But they are almost always the most productive when others aren’t. A jig mimics bait subtly bouncing off the bottom of the body of water you’re fishing. They look a lot like spinnerbaits, but without the blades. You can use a jig bait deep or shallow, and it can coax a big bass into biting if you have some patience. If you’re moving fast, you don’t want to use a jig. But if you have the time, a jig works great. Depending on how you work your jig, you can get a good idea what structure you have on the bottom and cover some good area. Jigs are intended to look like crawfish and as we know, bass love crawfish. Check out this video from 1Rod1ReelFishing on how to fish a jig.

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5. Best Bass Lures – The Plastic Worm

Five Must Have Lures For Bass Fishing - Rubber Worm

Five Must Have Lures For Bass Fishing – Plastic Worm

The plastic worm is the most popular bass lure out there today. For good reason. Generations of anglers have used worms and had success. So why stop using something that works? Plastic worms come in all different lengths and colors, each for a specific situation on the water. There are many ways to rig your worm- carolina rig, texas rig, wacky rig, so forth and so on. The action can be quite different worm to worm, so depending on how you’re looking to fish, there is a worm for you. Worms are so successful and so popular, I watched a video of someone jokingly fishing with gummy worms and twizzlers and actually catching fish! Worm fishing is always worth trying, no matter the conditions, so watch the following video from Scott Martin on how to texas rig a worm and get out there and do it!

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