Fishing with a Dipsy Diver

Dipsy Diver
Dipsy Diver Magnum with O-Ring for added depth
Dipsy Diver Magnum with O-Ring for added depth

Deep lake trolling is a popular method for catching trophy salmon and trout. When the summer months arrive and the water temps heat up, salmon and trout like to swim in deeper water, often in or near the “thermocline,” the point in a column of water where the temperature rapidly changes from warm to cold. As summer drags along, that thermocline heads deeper, making it more difficult for anglers to flat line troll for fish. So how do they get their lures deeper? Well, for many anglers they use downriggers. Downriggers can be expensive, however, so a Dipsy Diver is a great alternative for reaching the same depths without breaking the bank.

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Best Fishing Knots

Best Fishing Knots

Somewhere along the line an angler wonders if that fishing knot their dad or granddad taught them as a young child was really of the best fishing knots they could tie. Inevitably, we end up seeking out a “holy grail” of knots, usually after losing one or two good fighters from poorly tied knots. I had a similar experience on a guided fishing trip for striped bass. It was about towards the end of our day and I threw my chunk of mackerel out to an area tucked next to the shore. Not long after the bait sank towards the bottom, I felt a powerful tug. The fight that ensued was one I’d never felt before. This thing was a hog! But then, just as the fish was heading towards some cover, the line went slack as the pole snapped straight- gone! When I reeled in what remained I saw that ever-too-familiar “pig tail” at the end of my line, indicating the knot didn’t hold. The guide didn’t say anything, but I’m guessing he felt pretty bad. A lost trophy on his knot!

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Best Portable Fish Finder? Introducing the Deeper Portable Fishfinder

Best Portable Fish Finder - The Deeper Smart Portable Fish Finder with smartphone app
Deeper Portable Fish Finder
Deeper Portable Fish Finder

For many of us who fish exclusively from land, the options for a portable fish finder are limited. Humminbird makes the Fishin’ Buddy which is a great device but really intended for small boats and some docks. When not on a dock or in a boat, this device doesn’t make a lot of sense. And that’s how it is with most portable fish finders, until Deeper introduced its Fish Finder to the market a couple years ago. Now, it’s widely considered to be the best portable fish finder option for all anglers, not just ones with access to a boat.

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Best Casting Rods – Top 3 Guide

Best Casting Rods

When you watch the pros on television, the vast majority of them are fishing with baitcasting reels. Some of them use spinning reels, but the majority of them are using conventional, baitcasting reels. This is because of the advanced features and options available to baitcasting reels. And like a good reel, a casting rod that matches its reel in quality and craftsmanship is essential in order to work for you. The best casting rods all carry similar characteristics, which we’ll go over below. As we continue our series of Top 3 Guides, this one focuses on the Best Casting Rods available on the market today. Take a look at our Top 3 and then we’ll go over what it is to look for in a casting rod.

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Best Spinning Rods – Top 3 Guide

Best Spinning Rods

Buying the best spinning reel for your fishing experiences is very important. Just as important, is matching your reel with the best spinning rod you can find. Spinning rods are just as important as the complex features and abilities of your favorite spinning reel. Without matching the two together properly, you can expect to have difficulties landing the fish you target. This guide is going to help you get some ideas on what to look for in purchasing a spinning rod and give you our suggestions for the Top 3 Best Spinning Rods on the market today. Looking for the best spinning rod shouldn’t be hard, and we’re going to help you figure out what works best for you. Take a look at our Top 3.

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Best Trolling Rods – Top 3 Guide

As we discussed in our guide section, Best Trolling Reels, trolling is a popular method for fishing. No matter what you spend on a trolling reel, you must pair it with a quality rod. Trolling rods are just another important component to the trolling experience. A poorly made rod will cost you fish, either with breaks, line issues, or poor handling of the fight. It’s very important to choose a rod that fits your trolling reel, and will hold up to the species of fish you intend to catch. Rather than give you our best trolling rod, we wanted to suggest our Top 3 Best Trolling Rods for various uses. Below you will see our traditional Top 3, and below descriptions of each rod will be another table with our honorable mentions. Trolling Rods are not all made for the same thing, so be sure to understand what fish you intend to target before selecting a rod.

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Best Trolling Reels – Top 3 Guide

Trolling for fish is a popular method used by anglers everywhere. Typically, anglers troll for freshwater species like walleye, musky, salmon, trout, and most large saltwater species. The idea is you can fish much of the lake quickly and at various depths to find the strike zone. Trolling more often than not yields some of the bigger fish in those species as well, which makes the whole process even more exciting. To catch those fish, you need the right gear. In this guide, we’ll cover the best trolling reels as well as some honorable mentions. This is our Top 3 Guide for the Best Trolling Reels!

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New Fishing Gear for 2015

With many anglers still digging out of snow from one of the harshest winters in recent memory, it’s hard to think about and prepare for the upcoming fishing season. Nevertheless, here we are, early March, and the call of spring fishing is right in front of us. Getting out on the water will be exciting and rewarding, and here to help you for this upcoming season is some of the best new fishing gear for 2015. Each item can be found on Amazon and is linked for your convenience.

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Best Baitcasting Reels – Top 3 Guide

If you’ve watched any fishing on TV you’ve probably seen anglers using baitcasting reels. Baitcasting reels have been around for a long time and are the favorite to many bass and other species professional anglers. They’re a little harder to fish than a spinning reel, but they’re super strong, very durable, and are made for fighting bigger fish. The horizontal spool peels line off smoothly and easily. There is no bail to set or release so your casting motion is more fluid. You do have to worry about backlashing, or birds nests in your line, but the best baitcasting reels have included specific technology to minimize and eliminate those issues. Baitcasting reels have come a long way from their “only for the pros” days, and we have some recommendations on the best baitcasting reels for all anglers below. In addition to our Top 3, we’ve also included some honorable mentions.

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Best Spinning Reels – Top 3 Guide

Today you have an endless supply of spinning reels to pick from when shopping for a new reel. The market has been saturated with options. While weeding through all your choices may be daunting, the abundance of spinning reels just means you can find a really good piece of equipment for a fair price. In an effort to help you, we’ve compiled our “Top 3” list of the best spinning reels out there today. We’ve also included some honorable mentions, in case you’re the type of shopper that needs to see as many options as possible before making a selection. It’s okay, we’re the same way! This guide will help you select from the best spinning reels and get you closer to your pursuit of the big catch! Just below the table will be some explanations for deciding factors in our choices. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at BaitRodReel.coms’ Top 3 Best Spinning Reels!

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