Surprising spring trout and salmon technique to land fish right now!

If you live in the northern part of the country where trout and salmon fishing are prevalent, you’re probably experiencing one of the joys of spring. Every year around this time ice shanty’s and tip ups are being packed away for the summer and anglers are wiping the dust off their summer rigs. We all prepare for the moment that signals the beginning of the summer fishing season: ice out. Yes, as the ice melts away opening our favorite lakes and ponds for fishing on the boat, so opens one of the best and most productive times to fish for trophy salmon and trout. Some anglers may assume they need to crank up their downriggers and deep diving baits, but fortunately that is not the case. I’m going to show you some techniques I’ve learned to catch really nice salmon and trout near the surface just after ice out. It’s a cost friendly, fun way to catch some beautiful fish before they dive deeper to cooler waters.

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When to Replace Fishing Line

when to replace fishing line

When I started fishing regularly I replaced line about every time I got a new reel. In other words, I kept line on the reel a lot longer than recommended. Why? Mostly because I didn’t know better, but partially because I assumed line took forever to break down and become a potential problem. So, do you know when to replace fishing line? Each line has different requirements, and we’ll go over each one so you have a good idea when to replace fishing line depending on what you like to use. If there’s one part of equipment maintenance you don’t want to skip out on, replacing fishing line should be at the top of the list. The last thing you want on the water is a broken off fish due to bad line. So let’s begin…

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Best Trout Lures for Streams – Top 3 Guide

When I got my start fishing as a little boy, my earliest memories were on my parents boat trolling for salmon and trout on a big lake. For me, that was what fishing was all about. It wasn’t until I got a little older that I really learned how to hone my abilities and improve as an angler, but not on a boat. The education I got from fishing was all learned on small rivers and streams. It was there I learned how to cast with control, precision, how to present lures, and ultimately how to find spots that hold fish. From all my time I spent fishing in streams and rivers, I was able to come up with three of my absolute favorite lures to catch trout on. To me, these are the best trout lures for streams. If you don’t have these in your tackle box, be sure you get them. You’ll be extremely pleased with the results!

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Different Dipsy Diver Sizes: Which is Right For You?

Dipsy Diver Magnum with O-Ring for added depth

Using a Dipsy Diver as a means to troll without expensive equipment like a downrigger can be just as exciting and productive. Dipsy Divers can get your lures into most strike zones with ease making for a fun day of fishing. The challenge is discovering which Dipsy Diver is right for you and that is what I hope to answer with this blog post. Luhr Jensen, the makers of the Dipsy Diver, offer four different sizes each with distinctive running depths to work in just about every depth of the water column. But of the four Dipsy Diver Sizes, which size works for the type of fishing you do?

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Cannon Downriggers: Targeting Big Fish Down Deep

In the heat of the summer months, trophy trout and salmon prefer their water to be cooler and rich with oxygen. To get those conditions, they must swim deeper to the thermocline, the section of a water column that is between the warm water near the surface and the cold water near the bottom. Depending on the lake and time of year, the thermocline can be many feet underwater. So how do you get your lures down to those depths? You could use a Dipsy Diver, Lead Core line, or downriggers. Cannon Downriggers are one of the biggest brands in the trolling market and have a wide selection of quality downriggers. Let’s go over some of the more popular Cannon Downriggers to help you better identify a suitable choice for getting your lures down into the strike zone.

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Jigs for Lake Trout You Must Have

Jigs for Lake Trout

One of the most fun techniques for catching fish has to be vertical jigging. You’re not required to cast with any kind of precision. You don’t need to be an expert in manipulating the action on the lure. All you do is drop your bait over the side of the boat and let it sink to the bottom. Once there, you raise up the lure by lifting your fishing pole. Working various lifts and at different intervals will coax a fish to strike. Coupled with a good fish finder anglers describe vertical jigging like a video game. With the fun you can have jigging, here are some jigs for lake trout you must have in your tackle box!

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The World Record Smallmouth Bass That Wasn’t (For 10 Years)

World Record Smallmouth Bass


Sixty one years ago, a gentleman named David Hayes from Leitchfield, KY took his wife and six year old son out for a morning of fishing on Dale Hollow Lake. Dale Hollow Lake is a manmade lake that borders Kentucky and Tennessee that is known for its quality smallmouth bass fishery. David happened to have a reputation locally for being one of the best smallmouth bass anglers in the area. It was no surprise that among the thousands of eager anglers to drop lines in Dale Hollow Lake every year, he would be the one to catch a world record smallmouth bass.

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Why Topwater Bass Fishing is Awesome

Fishing for bass is exciting and a favorite for many anglers around the country. Topwater bass fishing increases the level of excitement ten fold with the ferocious strikes and spectacular aerial shows put on by some of the most aggressive fish in the water. When the summer months heat up, the topwater bass fishing does as well so tie on some buzzbaits, poppers, frogs, or even a lookalike mouse and get to your favorite bass spots for some incredible action! We’ll explain why topwater bass fishing is awesome and why you should load up on topwater lures to experience it firsthand.

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Hunting Smallies – The Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass

When deciding what to fish for, if you’re lucky enough to be around waters that hold them, try your luck fishing for smallmouth bass. They can get pretty big and put on one heck of a fight. Considering they share many of the same waters, smallmouth bass fans will tell you smallmouth are more fun to fight than trout.  Trout guys may disagree, but we all can agree that smallmouth bass fishing is some of the best you can find in freshwater. To catch smallmouth, you need good tackle so we’ve compiled a list of the best lures for smallmouth bass that all anglers should have.

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Detailed Lead Core Line Depth Chart

Lead Core Line Depth Chart

I’ve covered how to use lead core line in another post here, but I wanted to post this information separately for the anglers who might be on the water and in a pinch to figure out how deep their line is traveling. If you’ve tried buying lead core line, it’s not always easy figuring out what speeds and approximately how many colors can achieve the depths necessary to catch fish. Bookmark, favorite, save this page for future reference so you can refer to our lead core line depth chart next time you’re looking for precise data to reach the strike zone.

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