If You Aren’t Using Amazon Prime, You Should Be

I’ve been a member of Amazon for many years now and I can say without question it has become the best major site I’ve been affiliated with ever. It is so easy to shop and find what I want there and prices are always competitive. When they introduced Prime, I signed up right away. Back before Prime was popular, two day shipping was a luxury I rarely signed up for. I’d always have to settle for standard ground shipping, which, depending on the package and origination, could take over a week. But, since Prime, I can reliably expect all my items to be delivered within two days. I used to be an impulsive, gotta have it now shopper, but thanks to Prime, that sting of not having the item right away has subsided (for the most part).

Full disclosure, I am writing this blog to convince my readers who aren’t on Amazon or don’t have Prime to sign up for both. If you click on the image above and sign up, I get a benefit. It’s a good way to support this site and what I do here and I greatly appreciate it. But I’m not just looking for support- signing up for Prime really will help you expand your purchasing options so you can get better deals and a better selection than your neighborhood tackle store. With the free two day shipping on almost any item you find on the website, you can get what you need fast and affordably.

I use Amazon almost exclusively to buy my fishing gear. For instance, my new Pflueger President Spinning Reel was purchased on Amazon. I even live near one of the main national sporting goods stores but they don’t carry the President reel and certainly not at the price I found at Amazon. When I fish with lead core line I prefer to use Sufix 832. Again, that’s a line I cannot find locally, so I head over to Amazon and pick it up there. Limitless choices and really good prices. It’s an easy decision going with Amazon.

If you’re an avid angler that’s constantly buying new equipment, or even just a casual weekend angler, you really should consider making your purchases on Amazon. They’ll have what you need, decent reviews, and they offer exceptional customer service that you can’t find really anywhere else. Even more convenient is the fact you never have to leave your living room (or your boat) to order. Tight Lines!


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I'm an avid angler who wanted to share my love for fishing with fellow anglers and recommend good quality products to improve their chances catching the fish of a lifetime. Fishing is a passion sport- you love it, you do it for a variety of reasons and you keep coming back because the thrill of catching a fish never, ever gets old. I tried my best to capture that with my content on the site, doing comparisons, reviews, and even an interview with a famous TV angler.