From my inbox- Questions From Anglers #1

From time to time I get contacted from fellow anglers regarding something I wrote, or a product I’ve spoken about, or maybe just a general fishing question. I do my best to help answer their questions and I figured it’d be useful to put those answers on the site in case others may be wondering the same thing. If you ever want to ask a question, feel free to contact me. Today I’m answering a question about color durability on lead core lines. Great question especially considering I’m colorblind so it hits close to home!

From Ken:
Can you comment on how the colors hold up on the lead core lines you talk about.. I’ve tried many different brands thru the decade and some of them bleed all over and some do not have enough distinction between colors. When it was available I liked Gudebrod the best.. now have Cortland and it too has some issues..

Thank you for the question, Ken. I personally prefer the Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core line. I speak about its qualities in my detailed lead core line depth chart post. While I cannot say I had color bleed while using it, I did notice at one point in the season last year prolonged exposure to the sun faded the colors for me. To be fair, I cannot remember if it was a combination of the sun and polarized sunglasses that made it seem the colors were fading away, but it did happen. Of course, the colors bounced back once they were out of the sunlight for awhile. Very strange situation and obviously one that makes it difficult to properly use the line. So I emailed Sufix to see what they had to say. Here is their response:

It’s a known issue, and a common one. Color retention is a hard thing to improve in braid, and in lead core it can fade faster. But to be honest it shouldn’t fade as fast as you are describing.

So it’s possible I had a bad batch, but it didn’t bother me either way. I love the product and will continue to support Rapala with their Sufix 832 line. They offered some help replacing the line but I declined. We just need to remember that braided line, especially lead core line, will fade and probably shouldn’t be used much past a year. If you find the line you’re using has colors bleeding after multiple uses in the water, either replace it more frequently or try a different brand altogether.