When to Replace Fishing Line

when to replace fishing line

When I started fishing regularly I replaced line about every time I got a new reel. In other words, I kept line on the reel a lot longer than recommended. Why? Mostly because I didn’t know better, but partially because I assumed line took forever to break down and become a potential problem. So, do you know when to replace fishing line? Each line has different requirements, and we’ll go over each one so you have a good idea when to replace fishing line depending on what you like to use. If there’s one part of equipment maintenance you don’t want to skip out on, replacing fishing line should be at the top of the list. The last thing you want on the water is a broken off fish due to bad line. So let’s begin…

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How to Put Line on a Spinning Reel

Any new anglers looking to graduate from a casting reel may not know how to put line on a spinning reel. Here is what you need to know to avoid the many twists people get in their lines when trying to spool a spinning reel. Let’s assume that you already have your favorite spinning rod and spinning reel and all that is left is for you to learn how to spool fishing line. Putting line on a spinning reel is pretty straightforward but for you to avoid unnecessary aggravations when you are out fishing, you need to consider a few things.

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Using Lead Core Line – How to Troll Without Downriggers

Trolling with Lead Core Line
Lead Core Line - Suffice Performance Lead Core
Lead Core Line – Suffice Performance Lead Core

One of the most popular methods of fishing on lakes and ponds is trolling. Trolling is a great way to cover a large body of water in relatively short time. The act of trolling is simple; you set your lures at the depth you think fish are staying in the water column and you slowly drive your lures over a large area. To reach the desired depths at trolling speed, anglers need tools and equipment. An affordable and effective tool is lead core line. Lead core line is a fishing line with a lead “core” that adds enough weight to keep your lures deep when trolling.

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Fishing with a Dipsy Diver

Dipsy Diver
Dipsy Diver Magnum with O-Ring for added depth
Dipsy Diver Magnum with O-Ring for added depth

Deep lake trolling is a popular method for catching trophy salmon and trout. When the summer months arrive and the water temps heat up, salmon and trout like to swim in deeper water, often in or near the “thermocline,” the point in a column of water where the temperature rapidly changes from warm to cold. As summer drags along, that thermocline heads deeper, making it more difficult for anglers to flat line troll for fish. So how do they get their lures deeper? Well, for many anglers they use downriggers. Downriggers can be expensive, however, so a Dipsy Diver is a great alternative for reaching the same depths without breaking the bank.

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Best Fishing Knots

Best Fishing Knots

Somewhere along the line an angler wonders if that fishing knot their dad or granddad taught them as a young child was really of the best fishing knots they could tie. Inevitably, we end up seeking out a “holy grail” of knots, usually after losing one or two good fighters from poorly tied knots. I had a similar experience on a guided fishing trip for striped bass. It was about towards the end of our day and I threw my chunk of mackerel out to an area tucked next to the shore. Not long after the bait sank towards the bottom, I felt a powerful tug. The fight that ensued was one I’d never felt before. This thing was a hog! But then, just as the fish was heading towards some cover, the line went slack as the pole snapped straight- gone! When I reeled in what remained I saw that ever-too-familiar “pig tail” at the end of my line, indicating the knot didn’t hold. The guide didn’t say anything, but I’m guessing he felt pretty bad. A lost trophy on his knot!

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How To Spool a Spinning Reel

How to Spool a Spinning Reel - Penn Fishing FRC6000 Firece Spinning Reel
Penn Fishing FRC6000 Firece Spinning Reel

The spinning reel is the most popular fishing reel on the market today. Most anglers have, at one time or another, used a spinning reel. With that experience, anglers have inevitably dealt with a poorly spooled reel. Knots, line twists, and line overfill are common characteristics of line not properly spooled on a reel. To help anglers understand how to spool a spinning reel, the following steps should be taken. Illustrations are provided by WikiHow.

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How To Cast a Spinning Reel

How to cast a spinning reel - Okuma ABF-40 Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reel
Okuma ABF-40 Avenger Baitfeeder Spinning Reel

Easy to use. Extremely versatile. Made for everyone. Learn how to cast a spinning reel.

Spinning reels are easily the most versatile type of reel an angler could use. They’re easy to use, great for both novices and experts, and can be used with a wide variety of lines. While all reels have their specific advantages, spinning reels are by far the most popular reel available. For those who haven’t used a spinning reel before but would like to, here is a simple guide on how to cast a spinning reel.

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