Why Topwater Bass Fishing is Awesome

Fishing for bass is exciting and a favorite for many anglers around the country. Topwater bass fishing increases the level of excitement ten fold with the ferocious strikes and spectacular aerial shows put on by some of the most aggressive fish in the water. When the summer months heat up, the topwater bass fishing does as well so tie on some buzzbaits, poppers, frogs, or even a lookalike mouse and get to your favorite bass spots for some incredible action! We’ll explain why topwater bass fishing is awesome and why you should load up on topwater lures to experience it firsthand.

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Hunting Smallies – The Best Lures for Smallmouth Bass

When deciding what to fish for, if you’re lucky enough to be around waters that hold them, try your luck fishing for smallmouth bass. They can get pretty big and put on one heck of a fight. Considering they share many of the same waters, smallmouth bass fans will tell you smallmouth are more fun to fight than trout.  Trout guys may disagree, but we all can agree that smallmouth bass fishing is some of the best you can find in freshwater. To catch smallmouth, you need good tackle so we’ve compiled a list of the best lures for smallmouth bass that all anglers should have.

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Detailed Lead Core Line Depth Chart

Lead Core Line Depth Chart

I’ve covered how to use lead core line in another post here, but I wanted to post this information separately for the anglers who might be on the water and in a pinch to figure out how deep their line is traveling. If you’ve tried buying lead core line, it’s not always easy figuring out what speeds and approximately how many colors can achieve the depths necessary to catch fish. Bookmark, favorite, save this page for future reference so you can refer to our lead core line depth chart next time you’re looking for precise data to reach the strike zone.

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12 Father’s Day Fishing Gifts for 2016

fathers day fishing gifts

Father’s day is rapidly approaching as this years’ fishing season is underway. For many, it can be tough to find a gift that your father would want, let alone enjoy. If your dad is an angler, we’ve compiled a list of items we think for sure dad would love to receive instead of the standard tie or cigars. Everyone loves a good cigar, but nothing beats some good fishing gear to use on the water. See for yourself what we’ve come up with as the best Father’s Day Fishing Gifts for 2016!

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The Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reel Anglers

Best Fishing Line for Spinning Reel Anglers

The spinning reel is one of the most versatile and popular types of fishing reels available that’s also extremely easy to use. With the ability to use spinning gear for a variety of species, it’s no wonder the spinning reel is so popular. But what is the best fishing line for spinning reel anglers? We’ve broken down the three main types of fishing line- fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braid and provided both pros and cons for each line. Overall, we prefer braided line for having the least memory retention allowing it to peel off the spool easily with minimum tangle.

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What is the best fluorocarbon line? – Top 3 Guide

Seaguar InvizX

Fluorocarbon fishing line has become the standard for low visibility fishing leaders. Whether you fish with braided, lead core, or even monofilament, you’re likely using fluorocarbon as your leader. It’s extremely low visibility in the water and high abrasion resistance make it an obvious choice to act as a leader for any rig. But what is the best fluorocarbon line out there? The choices are numerous, but we’ve narrowed down the selections to three we find as top of the market. We’ll also go over all the benefits to using fluorocarbon line and some of the drawbacks.

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The Best Fish Finder Under 300 Dollars – Top 3 Guide

I’m happy with it. I’ve used it a few seasons now. Sure, I’ve wondered what the bottom looks like from time to time. Yes, I’ve had moments where I couldn’t tell if I was looking at a school of fish or a tree. It is tough to see in the sunlight. It would be nice to have GPS. Come to think of it, I’ve heard great things about downscan imaging…

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The 12 Best Ice Fishing Gear Picks For Every Angler

12 Picks for Best Ice Fishing Gear

Despite the weather not cooperating for many anglers around the United States this year, ice fishing really is rapidly approaching. To get ready for the hard water, anglers need to take a hard look at their existing equipment and see what should be replaced, what should be tossed, and what should be kept for the season. Great ice fishing gear is essential to an enjoyable experience on the ice and we’ve devised a list of some of the best ice fishing gear around. Whether it’s an anglers’ first time or they’ve been on the hard water for many seasons, this list will either help them get started or give them ideas on how to upgrade.

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Penn Battle 2 Reels

Penn Battle 2 Series Reels

Penn reels have been a leader in the fishing reel business since 1932. In fall of 2014, Penn reintroduced a model reel that has quickly become a favorite for many anglers. Its sealed bearing design means they last longer despite the conditions and work harder when fighting fish. The Penn Battle 2 series reel spans eight sizes from the ultra light, freshwater tackle to offshore sailfish and dolphin fishing. Take a look below as we break down each reel in the Penn Battle 2 series, separated into three tables for convenience.

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Why You Want a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Kayak Anchor Trolley

A kayak anchor trolley helps an angler quickly and easily adjust the tie-down location of the anchor on their kayak. It also makes it much easier pulling the anchor up by allowing the tie-down to move toward the angler in a more convenient and easier place to access. This flexibility provides total control for the angler when anchoring in any type of water. It’s worth investing in a kayak anchor trolley, and the good news is they’re much more affordable than they sound.

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