Best Trout Lures for Streams – Top 3 Guide

When I got my start fishing as a little boy, my earliest memories were on my parents boat trolling for salmon and trout on a big lake. For me, that was what fishing was all about. It wasn’t until I got a little older that I really learned how to hone my abilities and improve as an angler, but not on a boat. The education I got from fishing was all learned on small rivers and streams. It was there I learned how to cast with control, precision, how to present lures, and ultimately how to find spots that hold fish. From all my time I spent fishing in streams and rivers, I was able to come up with three of my absolute favorite lures to catch trout on. To me, these are the best trout lures for streams. If you don’t have these in your tackle box, be sure you get them. You’ll be extremely pleased with the results!

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What is the best fluorocarbon line? – Top 3 Guide

Seaguar InvizX

Fluorocarbon fishing line has become the standard for low visibility fishing leaders. Whether you fish with braided, lead core, or even monofilament, you’re likely using fluorocarbon as your leader. It’s extremely low visibility in the water and high abrasion resistance make it an obvious choice to act as a leader for any rig. But what is the best fluorocarbon line out there? The choices are numerous, but we’ve narrowed down the selections to three we find as top of the market. We’ll also go over all the benefits to using fluorocarbon line and some of the drawbacks.

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The Best Fish Finder Under 300 Dollars – Top 3 Guide

I’m happy with it. I’ve used it a few seasons now. Sure, I’ve wondered what the bottom looks like from time to time. Yes, I’ve had moments where I couldn’t tell if I was looking at a school of fish or a tree. It is tough to see in the sunlight. It would be nice to have GPS. Come to think of it, I’ve heard great things about downscan imaging…

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Best Lures for Bass – Top 3 Guide

Best Lures for Bass

The most popular fishing done in North America is largemouth bass fishing. For years, sports television has presented endless shows on finding and catching the next big lunker. The fishing industry’s strongest segment caters to largemouth bass. Why is that? Well, they’re pound for pound one of the best fighting fish around. They’re located almost everywhere in North America and don’t require a big boat to reach. But what are the best lures for bass? We present to you some of our favorite lures to catch big largemouth. Starting with our Top 3, take a peak at our list and see if you have any of these in your tackle box.

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Best Kayak Fish Finder – Top 3 Guide

Best Kayak Fish Finder

Kayak fishing is exploding in popularity. More and more people are finally migrating from the shores of their favorite pond and lake and venturing into the best spots that can’t be reached by foot, or boat! Kayak fishing gives anglers an edge over everyone else as their small profiles on the water get them in tighter spots where big fish always seem to lurk. But owning a kayak may not be enough for many anglers, which is why adding equipment traditionally saved for bigger boats has become an attractive option. We’re going to show you the best kayak fish finder on the market today and help you pick the right one for your ‘yak!

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Best Striper Lures – Top 3 Guide

Best Striper Lures

As summer heats up each year, the action intensifies for those of us in the northeast. The annual striped bass migration has completed and they are now feasting on bait along the coastline. Anxious anglers have their gear ready and are headed to beaches, jetties, and boats all along our coast in anticipation for one of the best fighting fish in North America. If you haven’t experienced striped bass fishing, now’s your chance. We can help you by showing you the best striper lures available today with some tips on how to fish them for the best fight of your life. Check out our top 3 Best Striper Lures!

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Best Braided Fishing Line – Top 3 Guide

Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline

Of all the items an angler needs to have for a successful day fishing, one of, if not the most important items is their fishing line. You can argue a good hook is most important, and you’d get agreement from me, but next in importance has to be good fishing line. With the wrong fishing line you can go from a great day on the water to an absolutely miserable one. And while there are several varieties of fishing line, the topic we’ll be covering today is on the best braided fishing line. Braided line is super popular today with its wide range of uses and ultra-tough design. But which braided line is for you? We’ll cover all the best braided fishing line you can find on the market today, starting with our Top 3 Picks.

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Best Trout Lures – The Ultimate Trout Tacklebox

With trout season winding up all across the country, now is the time to assess your arsenal of lures to ensure you’re ready to go when fishing for some of the best game fish in North America. The best trout lures tend to be shiny with some action on them, and we’ve compiled a long list of just such lures to help you catch more fish. Go through our list and see what you have, what you don’t have, and what you need to catch your limits! Below the list is some helpful tips explaining a few types of lures and how best to fish them for trout.

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Best Casting Rods – Top 3 Guide

Best Casting Rods

When you watch the pros on television, the vast majority of them are fishing with baitcasting reels. Some of them use spinning reels, but the majority of them are using conventional, baitcasting reels. This is because of the advanced features and options available to baitcasting reels. And like a good reel, a casting rod that matches its reel in quality and craftsmanship is essential in order to work for you. The best casting rods all carry similar characteristics, which we’ll go over below. As we continue our series of Top 3 Guides, this one focuses on the Best Casting Rods available on the market today. Take a look at our Top 3 and then we’ll go over what it is to look for in a casting rod.

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Best Spinning Rods – Top 3 Guide

Best Spinning Rods

Buying the best spinning reel for your fishing experiences is very important. Just as important, is matching your reel with the best spinning rod you can find. Spinning rods are just as important as the complex features and abilities of your favorite spinning reel. Without matching the two together properly, you can expect to have difficulties landing the fish you target. This guide is going to help you get some ideas on what to look for in purchasing a spinning rod and give you our suggestions for the Top 3 Best Spinning Rods on the market today. Looking for the best spinning rod shouldn’t be hard, and we’re going to help you figure out what works best for you. Take a look at our Top 3.

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